Should You Get a Male Or Female Yorkshire Terrier?

Once you have chosen the Yorkie as the breed of dog you want your next decision is should you get a male or female Yorkshire Terrier? There are perks to both but you should know the different characteristics between the two to come to the right decision.  Even if you plan to have your dog fixed and not breed them, they will still have different temperaments, albeit not as pronounced.  Pet owners are often tempted to pick the cutest puppy in the litter with little regard to gender, not a great idea.  Let’s look at the differences to help you decide.

Male Puppies

The male Yorkie will be a bit larger and heavier than the female but Yorkies are such small dogs you may not even realize the difference.  They may be an inch or so taller than the females of the litter.  Males will be far more aggressive and don’t always socialize well with other dogs, even if you get them neutered.  Males will display sexual tendencies far earlier than the female, you will notice this if there is a female dog in heat around a young male.  Males also tend to be more possessive of their owners and other female dogs.  If you plan on breeding Yorkies then you really need to watch the males when it comes time to breed.  Lastly, male dogs are harder to train, that shouldn’t stop you from getting male but you will need extra patience. If you are looking for a family dog then a female might be a better choice.

Female Puppies

Female Yorkies are a bit smaller and they are much less aggressive, unless they are protecting their puppies then they will be more aggressive than a male. At least twice a year your female Yorkie will go into heat and it will last about three weeks each time. During heat the female will discharge fluid meant to attract a mate.  Yes, this can be messy.  If you are going to breed your Yorkie then there are products you can buy to help with the mess. If you don’t want to breed your dog then you need to seriously consider getting her spayed.  Females are easier to train and they get along with other dogs far better than males.  If you have other pets in your home, then a female might be a better choice.

Both males and females are going to require your time and attention and you need to prepare for that before you get a puppy.  Both will require vet care, vaccinations and regular grooming.  Think carefully on the gender of the puppy you want, it is every bit as important as the breed you have chosen.

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