Keeping Your Yorkie Well Groomed

Keeping your Yorkie well groomed is a big part of the responsibility of owning a high maintenance dog.  Your Yorkie needs to be groomed at least twice a week, If you want to keep your Yorkie looking healthy then it will need to be brushed regularly.  Not only does your Yorkie’s hair get tangled easily but it makes them extremely uncomfortable and unhappy.

Taking Care of Their Coat

A Yorkie’s coat is closer to your own hair than it is to most other dog’s fur.  It grows like hair and needs to be brushed, trimmed and maintained like hair. As was stated your Yorkie needs to be brushed at least twice a week, but more won’t hurt.  Use a soft comb and you can brush them regularly while they are cuddling on your lap.

Bathing Your Yorkie

Your Yorkie will also need a bath regularly to keep clean.  You should head to your local pet store and grab shampoo as well as conditioner that is suitable for their breed and coat.  Good conditioner will make brushing their hair easier.  Your Yorkie can end up having as many grooming products in the bathroom as you do.  Fill the tub with just a couple of inches of warm water and wash your pup starting at the top.  Take care to make sure you don’t get any shampoo in their eyes.  Yorkie’s have fairly thick coats so rinse thoroughly to remove all of the shampoo, leftover shampoo can make their skin dry and itchy.  Towel your Yorkie dry by simply patting them down with a towel, if you rub then you risk tangling their coat.


Grooming is more than just brushing their coat, there is more to looking after your Yorkie.  When you give them a bath you will want to check their eyes to make sure there is no mucus built up, wipe it away gently with a clean damp cloth if there is any mucus.  You also need to check their ears, dogs can get ear infections as often as people do.  You should trim the hair around their ears it easier to do when the hair is wet.  Check their nails and see if they need to be trimmed.

Clean Their Teeth

Yes, your puppy does need to brush their teeth.  Yorkie’s get tartar buildup pretty quickly and that can turn into painful infections.  Pet supply stores have a wide variety of “toothpastes” for your pup, it will help their teeth and freshen their breath.

Keeping up with the grooming needs of your Yorkie can be a lot of work, you may want to take your pup to a professional groomer regularly to handle most of this for you.

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