Facts about Yorkies

Getting a new dog is always an exciting time for many people but it’s really important to do your research as different dog breeds have different characteristics and personalities and therefore different needs, they also have different susceptibilities to various medical conditions. Let’s read on about some fun facts about Yorkshire Terriers. Pet parents pay attention too.

Yorkshire Terrier History

yorkshire terrier

According to the American kennel club akc the Yorkshire terrier dog breed was first seen in the United States of America in the 1870s, and the AKC recorded its first Yorkshire terrier, a female named Belle, in 1885.

 Yorkshire Terriers are part of the terrier group and they were originally bred to catch mice rats and other Vermin in Yorkshire Mills in England, they could do this because of their small size. The Yorkie dog breed was also known  for their hunting Instinct as well as their bold and fearless character despite being a relatively small breed their highly energetic and they need to enjoy spending time off the lead and playing games

 Yorkshire Terriers are little Lively and a very self-assured toy breed and they’re always very keen to be involved in the action under actually much more assertive and playful than their size might initially suggest 

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Yorkshire Terriers make good companion dogs or a good therapy dog for those who live alone but they’re also suitable for families especially with older kids as long as they’re taught how to interact with them correctly and carefully. The Yorkshire terrier breed type can also be a good apartment dog.

yorkie apartment dog

Yorkshire Terriers are generally good around small pets including cats as long as they’ve been introduced to them at an early age 

yorkie with cat

Do Yorkies shed

Yorkshire Terriers are renowned for their long silky coat which continues to grow throughout life and therefore doesn’t shed as much as some other breeds it’s important to include daily grooming into your routine in order to prevent that long glossy hair from becoming matted or keep the coat short in a puppy cut for easier management. You might not want that super long hair mopping up everything. It’s often necessary for Yorkshire terrier owners to seek the advice of professional groomers from time to time. Your groomer will be able to help you choose from a number of Yorkshire Terrier Cuts & Styles

yorkie grooming

Yorkshire terrier colors

 When Yorkshire terrier puppies are first born their coloring is black and tan and are usually normally darker in body color, showing a blending of black hair mixed in with the tan up until they are older. The color of their hair on the body and amount of tan coloring on the head and legs are considered to be of high importance in adult Yorkshire terrier dogs, to which the following color requirements apply:

Blue – the coat should be a dark steel-blue, but not a silver-blue, and also not to be mingled or blended with yellow-brown, bronze, or black color hairs.

Tan – the coat of the tan hair is darker at the roots than in the middle, shading to a lighter tan at the ends. There should be no sooty or black hair intermingled with any of the tan Common coat colors include black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, as well as blue and gold

Yorkie colors

 Yorkshire terriers temperament

The personality traits of the Yorkshire terrier, while originally bred as working dogs Yorkshire Terriers would much rather be busy than sitting on a lap for long periods, because of the energy level they thrive on mental and physical stimulation around half an hour of exercise on a daily basis will help them burn off their energy in an appropriate way this makes them less prone to certain behavioral problems including excessive barking which can be common in the Yorkshire Terrier

yorkie barking

Yorkshire Terriers are naturally eager-to-please and therefore they learn quickly but like all toy breeds, they may take a little longer to house train. While they can have a dominant side to their personality good training will bring out their more sociable and affectionate nature

yorkie therapy dog

Yorkies life span

 Yorkshire Terriers generally live between 13, 15 years even up to 16 17 years old.

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Yorkies health issues

Yorkies like all breeds of dogs they are susceptible to various medical conditions one of the most common of which is a liver condition known as hepatitis they are also prone to a condition known as tracheal collapse this happens when the airway becomes flattened and it can make them more prone to coughing and finally a condition that Yorkshire Terriers can get is known as luxating patella and that’s a fancy name for saying a dislocating knee cap due to their short and slightly bowed legs.

Yorkie best friend

The Yorkshire terrier can also be your best friend. If your young he will love to play with you and if your old he will love to sit on your lap.

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