Dealing with a Yappy Yorkie

Small dogs have a reputation for being yappy and sometimes that reputation is well deserved.  There is nothing more irritating than listening to a yapping dog when you are trying to sleep at night.  If you are the dog owner then it is in your best interest to deal with your dog for your own sanity and before the neighbors start complaining.  Dealing with a yapping Yorkie isn’t fun but you can minimize your dog’s barking.

Why Does Your Dog Bark

Dogs bark regardless of size or breed, they will bark because they are scared or excited.  The problem with Yorkies is they get carried away and never seem to stop.  Some breeds are meant to bark, they were hunting dogs and barking was how they alerted their masters than they found prey.  Barking comes naturally to Yorkies it is their method of communication and you need to remember that.  When your dog starts barking you should also look at their body language to see what they are trying to communicate.

Reducing the Barking

You are never going to stop your dog from barking completely but you want to reduce it to a manageable level.  Your dog should never bark endlessly but having the dog warn you it needs a potty break or is scared is perfectly acceptable. Here are some ways to reduce the unnecessary barking.

  • Exercise Your Dog: Yorkies are high energy dogs and when they get bored they will bark endlessly.  Make sure your Yorkie gets regular walks and time outside so it can burn off that energy.
  • Don’t Scream at the Dog: It can seem natural to yell at your dog to shut up but it doesn’t actually work.  Yelling at your dog just leaves it confused, they don’t understand they are doing something wrong and you making noise doesn’t teach them that.  Shock collars and punishment is cruel and there are better ways to stop your dog from barking.
  • Train Your Dog: Teaching your dog basic commands will go a long way to stopping the unnecessary barking. Make sure they understand commands like sit, lie down and stay.  You can use these commands to distract them from whatever they are barking about.
  • Reinforce Good Behavior Outside: Your dog should behave the same way outside your home as it does inside.  If your dog is in the backyard or at a park barking endlessly you need to stop that behavior too.  Distract them from barking both inside and outside your home to stay consistent.

Dealing with barking is part of being a responsible dog owner.  You can teach your dog when barking is appropriate and when it isn’t.  Not only will you have happier neighbors but a happier dog too.

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